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About Seattle Powerchutes LLC

FAA, Certified Flight Instructors


Mark Martin, CFI

Mark started flying Powered Parachutes back in 2007 and from the beginning he proved to be a great and safe pilot. After lots of flying, Mark became a Certified Flight Instructor in the Spring of 2010. He later added an endorsement for Fixed Wing Light Sport category. In 2015, Mark became a Designated Pilot Examiner and is now able to provide our practical exams in addition to doing instruction. He is also the owner of NW Light Sport. To schedule a flight with Mark contact him directly at: 206-713-9007 or email



Paul Beam, CFI

Paul was introduced to Powered Parachutes at the 2010 Arlington Fly-In. He went on to obtain his Sport Pilot certificate later that year. In 2011, Paul bought his first fixed-wing airplane, and got his rating for that in 2012. He became a Certified Flight Instructor in Powered Parachutes the next year. His seaplane rating came in 2014 when he bought an amphibious Light Sport plane. In late 2015 he became a Private Pilot in fixed-wing (land) and bought a home-built General Aviation plane. He is a retiree, which enables him to do a lot of the introductory flights and to train on weekdays. To schedule a flight with Paul contact him directly at: 425-686-9899 or email



Joe Eggert, CFI

Joe had his first flight in a Powered Parachute in the fall of 2013 and fell in love with the sport. While Joe previously earned a Private Pilot license years earlier, he was initially concerned his fear of heights would prevent him from being comfortable flying in a PPC given how open it is compared to an airplane cockpit. But after just a few training sessions what few butterflies he had were gone and Joe knew he wanted to share this wonderful sport with others. Joe received his Sport Pilot certification in 2014 and in 2016 his Certified Flight Instructor certification. To schedule a flight with Joe contact him directly at 281-380-6686 or email