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Powered Parachute Training


We offer training for those who wish to become Sport Pilots and those that just want to fly an ultralight powered parachute.


  • Ultralight Training: This training is geared for those that want to fly a powered parachute that falls under the FAA regulation FAR 103, which stipulates that the aircraft must be less than 254 pounds, has a maximum of 5 gallons of fuel and only 1 seat.

  • 4 Hours Dual Training

  • 2 Supervised solo flights

  • Ground School

  • Study Materials

  • Ultralight Training Cost: $1500


  • Sport Pilot Training: This training is geared for those wanting to fly a single or dual seat powered parachute that is an FAA registered aircraft. These machines usually weigh more than 254 pounds with a maximum gross weight of 1320 pounds, have no limit on fuel quantity and have a maximum of 2 seats (pilot and passenger). Our training is well suited for people that have no previous flight experience as well as for those that want to transition from private pilot to powered parachutes. Training and Release document form


Sport Pilot Requirements

  • 10 Hours dual flight training

  • 2 Hours of solo flights

  • 70% or better on the FAA Written Test

  • Pass Practical Test with the FAA Examiner

  • Training Cost: $2500


  •  Examination Fees



    Requirement  Cost                                       Total
    Written FAA Test $150 $150
    FAA Practical Test $350-400 $350-400
    Student Pilot License $25 $25



  • Hourly Training: Hourly training is available for those that want to perform some of the training on their own. Our fee for flight training is $150 per hour and it includes the instructor time, aircraft rental,fuel, oil and ground portion training.

  • Classroom: Is $50 per hour and this includes written test help, map reading, radio communications.

  • Introductory Flight: This fun experience with one of our Certified Flight Instructors will expose you to the sport of Powered Parachutes (and give you some great pictures!).  Click here for more information

  • Aircraft Purchase: We sometimes offer used aircraft from our club members, and we are able to work closely with Six Chuter Inc. to provide you with a new aircraft if desired. Our club members receive the best price possible on any new aircraft.