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Discovery Flights

There's no better way for you and your friends and family to get up in the air for a safe, yet exhilarating time than taking one of our great Discovery Flights over the beautiful Arlington/Silvana area!  You're going to get some fantastic photos too! 

We usually offer these flights by appointment only. During spring and summer, we start the flights at 7AM while the air is still (in fall and winter we can start later). Please note that you may choose to break the 30 minute flight into two 15 minute flights.

What to wear:

  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Sun Glasses
  • Tennis Shoes or Hiking Boots

To schedule a Discovery Flight please contact one of us (see the Contact page).


30 Minute Flight: $65

Please pay at the time of the flight (Cash or Check). We do not accept credit cards for Discovery Flights.